The love for horses and people melts wonderfully together in Stoeterij 't Welthof.
Because Lieve and Jean have a background as a psychiatric nurse, they are in an excellent position to understand and guide young people and adults who run into problems.

Our care farm is a welcome resting place for young people who experience problems at school.
They relax with the horses in the stables of 't Welthof. Being busy with the animals, taking care of them, cleaning them or just looking them in the eye can be very healing. It is recommended for, for example, children with autism or young people with behavioral problems.

For adults, horse coaching can provide peace of mind and the body.
People who run into a burnout or who are burdened by stress often benefit from equicoaching.
By building a bond with the horse, completely new perspectives can arise. “By looking into the eyes of a horse you see yourself”, they say. And that's right.

Curious what the horses of 't Welthof can do for you or your (grand)children? Contact Lieve to view it together.